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August 11th, 2009]

Because deria_hime and I, we both were busy with the A-Levels from March to July. We both finished school successfully and applied for an university. We both get a place to study and now we both are in the middle of moving.

But don't worry :)
We love to do icons and we love our community! We would like to start new latest at the end of September.. Of course, only if you want to have a restart with us! We would be happy, if you would so!!

To all who stayed: Thank you for still being a member of our community ♥
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Week 28: REMINDER [Monday
March 2nd, 2009]

A new layout is needed. It's really necessary and it's up on you if your HEADER will decorate the new face of drama_contest.

We have only three, but very stylish header, and that's not enough! We really need more!
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Week 28: REMINDER [Thursday
February 19th, 2009]

This week is special, because we need a new header for the community's layout! Allowed are up to two header per person! :)))

But.. we have none! :(((

So please, [ submit here ] and show us your skills!
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Week 28: Special: HEADER [Monday
February 16th, 2009]

We really need a new layout in this community and some fresh air, a little restart. I guess at first a new layout would be really fine, after that we can make advertisement again :D

Sooooo~~~, more information are under the cut!Collapse )
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Week 26: Fairytale: Results [Monday
February 16th, 2009]

And here are the results for all the nice fairytale icons!

trough the looking glassCollapse )

mystical_eagle will have the next theme up as soon as her schedule allows her to do.
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Week 27: One Word / Tamayama Tetsuji: Voting [Monday
February 16th, 2009]

Yay, six icons, this is quite okay I think :3

Voting behind the cutCollapse )

Voting will end Saturday, February 21st.
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Week 27: One Word / Tamayama Tetsuji: Reminder [Wednesday
February 11th, 2009]

Well, we have midweek and here's your lovely reminder. I'm posting this early, because I won't be at home in the evening, I've to meet with my learngroup.

You actually have a lot more time to submit one or two icons here. Icons are due to Saturday, February 14th (Oh my, it's Valentine's Day >>;).

We currently hold two submissions.
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Week 27: One Word / Tamayama Tetsuji [Sunday
February 8th, 2009]

Wow, long time since we had two options for you.

Option One: One Word
Quite self-explanatory: On your icon should be one word.

Option Two: Tamayama Tetsuji
He is starring in Prisoner right now. This drama is based on a real story that happened.

pictures behind the cutCollapse )

• Up to TWO icons (you can decide which option you chose. You can make one icon featuring Option One and one featuring Option Two. Or you can make two icons for one Option. This is completely your choice!)
• Icons must be made fresh
• All icons have to fit LJ standarts (40KB, 100x100)
• All entries are due to Saturday, February 14th at 08:00 PM UTC+1h

Submit by commenting to this post. All comments are screened.

Link: http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn114/jucoco/icons_august08/kato_002.jpg
Series: none (promotion picture)
Actor: Kato Rosa
Role: none (promotion picture)
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Week 26: Fairytale: Voting [Sunday
February 8th, 2009]

RL and school really occupies us, we really don't know where our head is.. at least sometimes he's not there where he should be. We have 6 submissions this time, so you are going to vote for your favorite three.

voting is behind the cutCollapse )

Voting will end Saturday, February 14th.
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Week 26: Fairy Tale [Monday
February 2nd, 2009]

It's week 26, but this community is still losing the interest, I guess =(
We have only SIX icons by THREE participation! That can't be! What's up, guys?

Please submit [here]!!
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