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Week 27: One Word / Tamayama Tetsuji

Wow, long time since we had two options for you.

Option One: One Word
Quite self-explanatory: On your icon should be one word.

Option Two: Tamayama Tetsuji
He is starring in Prisoner right now. This drama is based on a real story that happened.

• Up to TWO icons (you can decide which option you chose. You can make one icon featuring Option One and one featuring Option Two. Or you can make two icons for one Option. This is completely your choice!)
• Icons must be made fresh
• All icons have to fit LJ standarts (40KB, 100x100)
• All entries are due to Saturday, February 14th at 08:00 PM UTC+1h

Submit by commenting to this post. All comments are screened.

Series: none (promotion picture)
Actor: Kato Rosa
Role: none (promotion picture)
Tags: submit, week #027
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