chaira keliyah de malan (deria_hime) wrote in drama_contest,
chaira keliyah de malan

Week 27: One Word / Tamayama Tetsuji: Voting

Yay, six icons, this is quite okay I think :3

- Vote for your favorite THREE
- Don't vote for yourself
- Don't get others for you to vote/showing your icon, before the winners are announced is also forbidden

1 2 3
4 5 6

# iconnumber: name of drama(actors/actresses)
#01: Boys Before Flowers (Koo Hye Sun)
#02: promo picture (Miura Haruma)
#03: Anmitsu hime (Inoue Mao)
#04: promo picture (Tamayama Tetsuji)
#05: promo picture (Tamayama Tetsuji)
#06: promo picture (Maki Horikita)

Vote like this: xx, yy, zz
or: First place: xx, Second Place: yy, Third place: zz

Voting will end Saturday, February 21st.
Tags: voting, week #027
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