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L [ A V E N D E ] R

asian drama icontest

Drama Icon Contest
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Welcome to lanvender, a Asian Drama icontest community. This community consists of weekly challenges, where everyone can enter their icons. Asian Drama are the most thrilling, exciting and entertaining amusement since the internet has been invented, so they have to be honored.

o1.) You must join the community and be a member to participate.
o2.) You may enter up to 2 icons per theme.
o3.) The icons have to fit the LJ standars (40KB and 100x100).
o4.) Your icon must feature anything related to Asian dramas. Either you can use a picture of the actor/the actress or you can use a screenshot.
o5.) Fanarts and animations however are not allowed.
o6.) No one else should know which icon you made, so you aren't allowed to post them until the winner has been anounced.
o7.) Don't steal any icon and claim them as yours.
o8.) Every icon has to be made fresh for each challenge.
o9.) The icon must stick to the weekly theme.
1o.) You are only allowed to participate with icons made of dramas which are written on Drama-Wiki. Only series allowed, NO movies.

submission and voting
A new theme will be announced on Thursday and you'll have one week to submit. All submissions will be screened. Deadline will be Thursday at 08:00 PM UTC+1h (check the World clock and refer for either Berlin or Belgrade).
Voting will last until Saturday at 8:00 PM UTC+1h and then the winner will be announced.

Please submit in this format:

Series: ...
Role: ... (both, if you used a screenshot)
Actor/Actress:... (If you used an actor/an actress)

When it's time for the voting, you will vote for you favorite three icons.

Votes will be counted as follows:
First vote: 3 points
Second vote: 2 points
Third vote: 1 point

When the winners are announced mystical_eagle or deria_hime are going to make a 300x100 banner to show your win. The awards are for the First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Mod's Choice and a Special Category (if there is one).

If you would like to become an affiliate with the community, you just have to reply here.

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